Taylor & Courtney’s Engagement Shoot | Los Alamos

When it comes to photography, I love that I get to go explore amazing locations, and that’s exactly what I did with Taylor and Courtney. We started the shoot meeting at 1880 Union Hotel in Los Alamos. Our plan was to start off with some awesome shots there, but to our surprise they were closed up. During that split second I noticed this vintage abandoned gas station right now door. I knew we could get some great shots in that location to start off the shoot. The gas station had a great a scenery that I was able to use. It had hanging string lights, a huge brown door, and awesome vintage gas pumps.

After they warmed up and we capture some shots at the vintage gas station we headed to hidden location that they had access too. They took me through a gated entrance which then lead up a beautiful green. Once we got to the top there were free range horses walking around and a view over looking Santa Ynez! This was breath taking and I couldn’t wait to capture some BEAUTIFUL shots there. All I can say about this is to check out their gallery because words can’t explain this hidden gem!

The whole day was fun and amazing and I can’t wait to capture their wedding day!


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